Saturday, 15 May 2010


Nobody finds me as funny as I find myself. I can laugh for hours at jokes I don't even bother telling people 'cos they wouldn't 'get it'. (I tell them anyway)

I am pretentious and HIGHLY egotistic. I have a refusal to acknowledge other people's existence and I generally project my identity to others as, intellectual but cocky and HIGHLY sociable while protruding a streak of the taboo and eccentric.
Of course, this is nothing more than a facade to keep people at arms length. I am actually an emotionally confused, immature person with no 'real' identity and I exploit perceptions because I need people to validate my individuality and half-crappy intelligence.

I'm also extremely insincere, contrived, transparent and embarassingly silly. But I'm sure you've already realised that if you've given me some thought. Which I'm sure you haven't because it's unlikely you actually care.
I love all religions and all faiths but I try to avoid becoming part of one, because, once you become part of a group, you lose your autonomy and individuality. Not only this, but it's best to be totally self-sufficient rather than trying to belong to some sort of group (nobody likes a doormat, get a fucking identity).

I'm a massive advocate of irony and as someone in my student planner once said, 'Words like nature, half reveal and half conceal the truth within'. I think that enhancing one's words with irony conceals the truth even better.
And it's funny.


  1. fat eyes thick warm blood

    lord of the flies have your fill

    Beelzebub feasts