Saturday, 27 November 2010

A Woman's Worth

Primarily, love is the seminal human emotion. It is distinctively elementary and instinctual; ultimately so powerful in its totality, we conclude the feeling and the object of these feelings unfathomably wondrous. 
Stendhal states in his book On Love (1822), 
“Torn between doubt and delight, the poor lover convinces himself that she could give him such pleasure as he could find nowhere else on earth.”

Monday, 21 June 2010

Bitches 'n Shit Part II: Morality 'n Shit

We all suffer from being victimised at one point or another, we find it unacceptable, like some sort of noble sense of justice has been ignored and replaced by an injustice we really shouldn't have to deal with. It's not our problem. We are the good guys and our sense of self has been diminished.
We want to be left alone, to go back to our normal lives when we felt safe, before we were subjected to torment that we don't deserve and perhaps more importantly, we have no control over.
Is that not what makes us so frustrated? Those painful instances that force us to realise we have no control over our own lives? And perhaps something worse than that - that it's other people who control our lives. People we don't care about anywhere near as much as we care about ourselves.
But alas, this phenomenon is a mere footnote in the chronicle that is humanity.
People clearly like to destroy the character of others. It makes them feel better about themselves, (and who doesn't like that?) but of course to balance out that ego boost someone else needs to feel like shit. Personally I think the worst breed of this phenomenon (AKA bullying) is when someone bullies their victim based on untrue assertions and the victim doesn't stand up for oneself and in some instances, can't do so.
Look at Nazi Germany.
The point is that if one is not capable of thinking at a certain capacity they will not be able to comprehend someones behaviour of a higher capacity. They will either avoid it, telling themselves it's something they cannot understand and therefore shouldn't bother with or they will become aggressive, lash out at it, attack the integrity of it. There are many ways to become angry (duh) but the one I want to concern myself with is the most destructive weapon used for anger - morality.
Oh how pleasurable it is mask your own unhappiness and desire to dominate those around you with nobility, to be the good guy. After all, if you're on the side of morality, that gives you a licence to do whatever you like, does it not? If anyone behaves in a way you dislike, label them 'decadent' or even better, 'evil'.
Isn't all fair in love and war?
What is really interesting about the character of the moralizer is paradoxically, their distinct lack of morals. Say someone wrote a rap song and it was a depraved, seedy rap song (aren't all the best ones like that?).
Say the writer began to receive threats, the materialisation of which would permanently ruin his/her life, like the threat of legal action (the plight of Galileo springs to mind).
What if these same people then attacked the controversial writer directly, calling him horrible things and promoting this person's hatred throughout his/her town or city. (Aren't these people meant to be on the good side of morality? I thought it was the songwriter who was the bad guy?)
Funnily enough, this comes under the crime of Slander and though it's not an uncommon thing to badmouth others, legal ramifications can occur should the victim decide on pressing charges.

But as Randal in the indie-classic Clerks articulately comments,

'I hope it feels so good to be right, there's nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others, is there?'
Despite this petty hypocrisy, what is right and wrong anyway? Maybe someone who writes depraved rap songs are morally wrong. Maybe they should be punished.
Let's assess it; a person who fits in with society's ideals, with what is deemed correct in their society, this person would never behave in a way that would not be considered correct (by society). In those rare moments of letting themselves go and do something society considers wrong, they probably suffer from guilt and shame over the fear of society judging them for their indiscretion. This character just described is the character of a very amoral person. The sort of person who doesn't truly understand what is right and wrong, the sort of person who bases what is right and wrong on what society deems to be correct or incorrect, not on what they feel as a human is moral. But what about the sort of person that accepts humans are both good and bad, capable of the greatest evil and the greatest good? What if this person chooses to turn the horrible depraved things that inhabit their mind into art? (art is historically the most effective medium for progression and if you didn't know, progression is a very good thing). The artist is merely entertaining a thought, without actually accepting it as right.
And according to Aristotle, that is the mark of an educated mind.

So the next time you hear someone bitching about you, sue them. If someone calls you a poo-head or worse, a shit-whistle, call the police on them for being threatening. If you don't like Eminem or 50 Cent's music because you find it offensive, go to their house, call them a shmuck. Better yet, if anyone does or says anything that you don't like, I implore you to make them suffer for it. Let's collaborate and together we can destroy the perpetual devil that is diversity and liberty. 

Disclaimer: This is an academic essay based in generalities and ill-thought out, pretentious opinions. All hypothetical characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Best Gilmore Girls Scene

Though not representative of the television show's witty fast-paced script or even it's themes on social class and generational divides, this is one of the best scenes in Gilmore Girls. Perhaps the deepest insight into the psyche of the seminal character Kirk. The quirkiest character in all of Stars Hollow. Well, next to Taylor anyway.

PS. Lorelai is such a minx.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

And So I Whispered I Love You

Here's another video. It's the director's cut edition.

'Til Her Daddy Takes The T-Bird Away

This is a video of some girls from my high school. I stumbled upon one of their Facebook profiles and found an album titled, 'Barbecue with friends'. I quite liked the pictures I saw so I made a slideshow of them.

Notice the goat at 1:56

Friday, 21 May 2010

R.I.P, D.O.G

This is to commemorate the death of Ronnie Springfield. Rick Springfield's loyal bull terrier.
In fact, Rick and Ronnie had such a deep affinity for one another's company, Rick let Ronnie be the star of the album cover of his 1981 masterpiece Working Class Dog. The general subject matter of the album, (unrequited love) reflects the album title poignantly as that's all Rick sees himself as; A Working Class Dog.

Ronnie became the truly literal representation of Rick’s inadequacy issues which permeated and perhaps dominated the album. A true symbol of Rick and Ronnie's identification with one another. I can’t think of a more emotionally tactile illustration of symbiosis. Perhaps one of the most beautiful systems in our existence. Well, that as well as its sister concepts; synchronicity and to some extent, serendipity. But I digress, it is so rare for any friendship to be that deep and any man (or dog) that shares it with another must retain it with all his might.

Rick is arguably the greatest pop stars of all time. Most well-known for his 1981 chart topper 'Jessie’s Girl' he tells the true story of how he is in love with his friend's girlfriend and her not returning his affections.
The sad minor chords perfectly complement the macho yet crushingly sensitive guitar riff. But where it really shines through is the lyrics. Rick perfectly captures the melancholic confusion that defines the dejection of unrequited love. I find the most poignant example is this;

And I'm lookin' in the mirror all the time
Wondering what she don't see in me
I've been funny
I've been cool with the lines
Ain't that the way
Love supposed to be

Though 'being funny and cool with the lines' is typically a male tactic, Rick's longing and pain is easy to identify with, whether man or woman.
And I (as well as Rick's other fans) know that only half this genius was down to him, the other half was down to that fine-furred denizen of the daytime, that little ball of sunshine, wagging his tail and breathing heavily. The way dogs do that. 
He was Rick's muse. Every great artists needs inspiration, what better inspiration than man's best companion.
Bow wow old friend, bow wow.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

My Artwork

Ok, so I made some artwork a few weeks ago. I don't know much about aesthetics, but I think putting a picture I got off the internet and then editing it on paint does legitimately count as artwork (only just mind you). Anyway, I put them on Facebook but decided to take them off last night 'cos I started to get nervous that my Rabbi would see them. He hasn't invited me to shabbos in a couple of weeks, now I'm seriously worried. So I'm putting them on here instead.

I'd just like to say that I did not make this, I just thought it was funny.


Nobody finds me as funny as I find myself. I can laugh for hours at jokes I don't even bother telling people 'cos they wouldn't 'get it'. (I tell them anyway)

I am pretentious and HIGHLY egotistic. I have a refusal to acknowledge other people's existence and I generally project my identity to others as, intellectual but cocky and HIGHLY sociable while protruding a streak of the taboo and eccentric.
Of course, this is nothing more than a facade to keep people at arms length. I am actually an emotionally confused, immature person with no 'real' identity and I exploit perceptions because I need people to validate my individuality and half-crappy intelligence.

I'm also extremely insincere, contrived, transparent and embarassingly silly. But I'm sure you've already realised that if you've given me some thought. Which I'm sure you haven't because it's unlikely you actually care.
I love all religions and all faiths but I try to avoid becoming part of one, because, once you become part of a group, you lose your autonomy and individuality. Not only this, but it's best to be totally self-sufficient rather than trying to belong to some sort of group (nobody likes a doormat, get a fucking identity).

I'm a massive advocate of irony and as someone in my student planner once said, 'Words like nature, half reveal and half conceal the truth within'. I think that enhancing one's words with irony conceals the truth even better.
And it's funny.

Humans are losers.

It's 9:44 in the morning on a Saturday. I've already been up for 12 hours. Ergo a new blog. Prepare yourself now for the sublime orgasm of words and ideas I'll be putting out there. Get your beer hat out and your hand back in your pants 'cos I can't promise it will be great, or even good, but it will temporarily distract you from your petty reflections upon what a sad, lonely loser you are, the way you feel smothered by mediocrity every single day. (Isn't that why you're on the computer in the first place?)